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As a corrugator you mast have many paper reels/stock not used in months some times year. You may not require them in near future. Or you must have received in excess quantity for various reasons, now you can encash those dead stock by offering them for sale in our stock trading platform. Soon you will get enquires / requirement from us on behalf of our customers.

Now your customer needs in just in time , very urgently, you may have to submit samples to get bulk purchase order you may have to supply small lot to you most valued big customer. But you do not have right size, right gsm, right bf, right quality paper with you. When you order freshly, from the paper mill to reach your gate, it will take more that 4-5 days many times it is not possible to wait

In such situation our trading platform comes in handy you see that stock available readily with all details like gsm, size, bf shade. You can procure material on same day by sending your vehicle. Small or big any quantity any quality.

Even you can post your requirement, we search stock for you in minimum possible time.

Proceed to STOCK DETAILS section fill all the columns, provide your regular / correct E mail id. Your stock requirement or Your stock details will be displayed after scrutinizing at our end.

We try to coordinate stock sale in between Seller and Buyer Geographically to minimize Transport Cost.

Go Ahead Encash Your Excess Dead Stock.

Procure stock whenever you require urgently.

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