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Full Flap Five Line Box

The full flap five line box looks like a box which has a very shallow depth after it is assembles. This is a single piece box that has an over lapping top and also a flap which overlaps. This design is both economical and highly functional.

  • Metal Fabrication Box (Inner)
  • Textile Inner Box
  • Plastic Items

Half Slotted Box

Tray Box Top & Bottom

The tray box top & bottom is available with the die box, Tray Box Top & Bottom, this box has a locking system style of built and it is very simple to assemble and cannot be used in clip box.

Heavy goods
  • Vegetables
  • Marine spares
  • Furniture

Half Slotted Box

Folding Master Carton

The Folding master carton is the other name for a die cutting cartoon.

Key Features
  • Top and bottom have double ply
  • Used for export purposes
  • Developed in 5ply and 3 ply
  • No pin in used in the box

Half Slotted Box

Single Piece Folding Box

The single piece folding box is a die cut style box which can be easily assembled without needing a tape. The manufacturing of this box uses a double layer protection on each sides of the box and also at the bottom. These boxes are of two types With tuck-in-top or having a locking cover. They are known as the cherry lock design (see picture). These Mailer type boxes are very sturdy and they can tolerate rough handling involved in shipping.

  • To pack brass components
  • To pack watches
  • For electrical components
  • Auto spares
  • Kitchenware

Half Slotted Box