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Vastushatra is an ancient science that observes the laws of nature and studies their influence on mankind in their built environment. According to this science, the five elements of nature, that is, earth, fire, water , air and sky govern the principles of creation and these natural forces act for or against each other either creating harmony or resulting in chaos.

The science of vaastushastra is more than 5000 years old, and it finds its origins in stapatya veda, which in turn is a part of yajur veda, one of four vedas. The word vaastu is derived from ‘vas’ means ‘resides’. Ancient buildings and settlements in india were always guided by the principles of vaasthushastra in its paintings and constructions.


Ancient Indian science of architecture defines vaasthushatra as the physical, psychological and spiritual order of built environment, in consonance with the cosmic energy. It is the study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them , and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction. A Building designed according to vaastushastra creates a positive cosmic field to make one’s life smooth and happy. It helps one match his biorhythms to the rhythms of the universe, and respects one’s holistic relationship with nature.

All matter and energy, and all animate and inanimate objects in a building have an interrelationship with each other and more connected by electromagnetic waves. A harmonious and balanced combination of these electromagnetic waves results in peace, happiness and contentment. Recent research in this subject with help of kirlean photography that images invisible radiations around objects have found evidence to prove the effects of these electromagnetic radiations on these objects. Vaastushatra observes that interacting energies are minimum in the north east direction which is therefore referred to as the direction of heaven. South west direction has intense energy stress and is therefore the direction of hell. Besides cosmology, vaastushastra bases its principle on astrology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and certain yogic disciplines. Asymmetry, helix and evolution also play an important role in the science of vaastushatra.


The principles of orientation of building are intimately related to vaastu-purusha mandala which is represented by a square derived from the square ‘mandala’ of the earth referred to in Indian ‘cosmology’, and the ‘purusha’ who is the celestial man, the supreme principle. The image of vaastu purusha mandala is drawn like a man with a square with his head lying in the north east in the mandala of 64 squares, legs in the south west, right hand in the north west, left hand in the south east, and the remaining parts of the body filling the square. The centre of his square possesses the maximum energy and is therefore reserved as an open space for its effective dissipation to the remaining areas. Traditionally, this area in a dwelling was occupied by central courtyard, around which all the activities of the dwelling took place.

As mentioned earlier, the five basic elements of nature sustain us by providing the energy that we require. In order to maintain the dynamic balance of elements, we have to redirect our energies subjectively and objectively so that we gain happiness, success, wealth, prosperity and an improved quality of life. We receive internal energies in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., and external energies in the forms of heat, light etc. The relationship of the energies and elements centres in the mind and body, and therefore the elements should be assigned appropriate places while planning and constructions a dwelling. Thus the centre should be the place of least activity, north east the place for water bodies like wells and water sumps, south west the place of fire, or in other words the location for kitchen, south west the place for earthly prosperity and therefore location for master bedroom, and so on.

An imbalance in the location of elements of nature in a dwelling may cause disturbances in the smooth functioning of the activities the dwelling.

Though majority of the building in ancient india were planned and constructed according to the principles of vaastushastra, this science almost became non existent in the latter half of twentieth century. This is attributed to the influence of western architecture that still considers this science as a myth and superstition so much that it is disallowed from being included in the educational mainstream. The fact that this science has survived 5000 years and successfully applied by generations of the past itself goes a long way in proving its credibility. The latter half of twentieth century saw a sudden revival of this traditional science, probably as a remedy to relieve the society from its stress and pressures of the day to day life. This sudden revival has resulted in an epidemic of large scale misinformation and misinterpretation of the science by the so called ‘experts’ in the field. It is therefore the need of the field to establish the scientific basis of this so called myth and present the true principles and facts of this deep rooted science to the common man.


Even though it is not possible to maintain all vastu points practically but important points make difference to the Money flow, assurance of quality , accidents in work shop floor, harmony among employee –employer. Satisfaction/Happiness. Steady grow of business activity.

  1. Corrugating Machine in South west area in the direction towards north or east as per the building.

  2. From corrugating machine to → pasting → rotary slitting → stitching→ bundling → dispatch→ in same direction on by one in same direction see that Your production line start from southto either north or west to east. Machine operators/Workrs should face North or East. Do not carry production activities in ₦ / zig zag way . Always try maintain forward direction.

  3. Try maintain reels stock in west or south side of the building by doing this your are putting more weight in the area which is good

  4. Keep finished stock in north west area.

  5. Owner’s office in south west area.

  6. Boiler, electric / Heating source meter which produce heat to be in south east area.

  7. Main doors in north – east, or west side of north west, south side of south east.

Above are only basic and approximate predictions, on visit of the site by Vastu Consultant under guaidence results will be more accurate and beneficial.

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